Monday, 8 August 2011

Inspirational lady

Everyday I never fail to be inspired when reading my daily blogs. They are filled with such love and care and you can feel the passion these wonderful women have. They come up with new and innovative ideas that are so creative and close to my heart. It is wonderful to share a passion with so many beautiful people and i couldn't be more pleased to be part of this community.

Emily Schuman is the epitome of girly fashion, but it's not just your typical blog because she offers a fresh and unique twist on her own style and she offers amazing baking and cooking recipes. Cupcakes and Cashmere was the first blog I ever discovered and have continued to read it daily, this blog has been the most inspirational and gave me a good idea on how to run a successful blog.

Chiara is the owner of the fabulous blog The Blonde Salad full of different and creative outfits that is her own style and I enjoy reading her blog every day for new ways to style my own pieces.

Late afternoon is a recently discovered blog and has since been a daily read. Her photos are beautiful with pretty colours and great quality. Liz has a fabulous sense of style and knows who she is and her personal style. I always look forward to what she will put together tomorrow and enjoy finding new styles on her site that I would not have thought of trying myself.

What are your favourite daily reads?


  1. thanks so much! love, Lacey

  2. I love love cupcakes n cashmere. You are so right, she is very inspirational. And I read blonde salad daily too, her style is classic. And I will now read late afternoon too...and your lovely blog. Following :-)


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