Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sweater Weather

Sticking to neutral colours all within the same colour scheme helps you look 
pulled together without much effort.

Now I know it's almost spring but here in Canada the cold is still nipping and is relentless as ever. So for those fellow readers who are still in winter weather I wanted to put together a few of my favourite winter looks that will keep you cozy and relaxed that can be carried over to spring when the air becomes warmer but you still need an added layer of warmth. Let me know what look is your favourite! 

Try a bright, fun colour to beat the winter blues

I adore polka dot sweaters that look great layered

For a more casual look throw on a patterned sweater with basic leggings 
and complete it with a top knot and classy pearls 

Throw a scarf over your sweater for added warmth and a casual-cool style 

Mix and match two different patterns in contrasting colours for a bold statement 
and keep the jewellery minimal 

For slightly warmer days add a knit over a light weight dress and 
top it off with rugged boots

Hope you find some ideas for winter sweaters to bring you into spring!
*all photo's from Pinterest 

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