Friday, 26 August 2011

Birthday Brainstorming

So September 11 is my Big Sweet 16 and I can't wait! I'm starting to brainstorm some ideas for my party and I wanted some input from my amazing readers. I will be having my closest friends over at my house where we will enjoy an amazing specialized fondant cake (fingers crossed!) with lots of candy, fun and beautiful people. I'll have some friends sleepover and then the next day me and the girls will head out for a day of shopping all around Toronto and then I will head out for a nice dinner with my family. I'm super excited and always open to different party ideas.

Here are a few ideas for party dresses

I love the colour and cut for a party dress but it would still be the perfect dress for shopping as well!

I adore the sweet detailing on this dress!

One of my favourite dresses ever and would love good with any shoe

Different but I just adore the big bow
Any other girly party dresses you would recommend?

A pretty cake with a similar colour scheme

I want it to have a very whimsical yet sophisticated style
I think sweet bows and and pretty flowers complete the setting

Pink drinks with colourful straws will be attending my party

Simple and beautiful

picture via. google images
I love the idea of pretty macaroons making a statement and a great snack
I want a big selection of candy going for the whole night including enough for the sleepover movie
Any other ideas for the party or I also was wondering if you had any gift ideas for a sweet 16?

P.S Tomorrow I will share more about the rack to rack event


  1. Wow Lacey! That sounds amazing! I hope you have a splendid birthday and get everything you asked for! 16 is a HUGE year! :) Personally, i love the anthropologie dress and the tibi dress the most out of the four. :)

  2. Thank you very much! I really appriciate your input in the dresses and I will definatley take that into consideration. Lots of love, Lacey <3


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