Friday, 29 July 2011

Sunshine and Smiles

All pictures by me

It now has been two long weeks at camp where I have had an amazing time, made some wonderful memories and meet some beautiful people but can't lie and say i'm not looking forward to coming home. There is just something about home that is always comforting and where so many of your loved ones live. Here are some things I have missed while being at camp...

A bowl we got on a trip to Nova Scotia that is so unique

I love new reading material

A recently found dress that brings back so many fond memories 

All my scarves that I have been trying new way to wear them,
this one is a particular favourite that is a vintage Chanel scarf from my wonderful Grandma!

Two favourite bangles from Italy

Of course I missed my family the most and not being able to blog daily!
glad to be back

What do you miss when away from home?

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