Monday, 18 July 2011


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Even though this is a fashion blog, us ladies need to do a little bit of work to keep our dress size the same so I thought I would post today about fitness. We don't need to workout to look perfect because I know I don't, but I like to workout because it makes me feel healthy AND happy! Although it takes a lot of motivation to start your workout once you start, it will become a habit. Your workouts should be something you enjoy doing so it doesn't feel like work. Being healthy is not just about working out, it is also a combination of eating well too. You can't go and workout for an hour than eat Mcdonalds and still expect to lose some weight, that is if you are doing this often. Every food is okay in moderation!

Yoga is a great way to workout because it stretches your body, helps you relax and build muscle while doing it. It doesn't feel like a workout that runs you out of energy, instead you will leave feeling calmer and more ready to go than ever. My friends and I recently started going to a yoga studio and have really enjoyed hot yoga especially. It is done in a heated room and you do your yoga poses while you sweat a bunch which is good for your body and pores. I always leave feeling re-energized for the week.

Running is tougher and energy draining but is one of the best workouts there is. It tones you all over and allows you to workout without having to pay for a gym membership. To stay in the habit, get motivated by going with a group of friends who will push you and won't allow you to miss out, plus it's a lot more fun! If you don't have anyone to go with, music is alway a good motivator and make sure you change your music often!
When you work out you will feel proud of yourself and feel bettter about your body every day. Don't stop and go back to it every once in a while or skip it because your tired because then you break any habit your body has gotten into. Not only does exercise help you feel more fit, but it also helps your confidence and self-esteem. It can leave you feeling empowered and beautiful, even in bathing suit season. So don't just wait around, DO IT! 

What is your favourite workout or motivation?

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