Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What's in my bag

All pictures by me

I have always been ready for anything so I carry a lot in my purse. I am curious as to what most women carry everyday so I thought i'd share with you all what I typically carry in my purse. Still to this day I do not understand how men don't feel the need to carry around a purse and manage to fit everything they need in their pockets. I consider a purse a must daily, so here is what I carry 

1.White Guess wallet
2. I-pod
3.Dior lipstick (miss Dior)
4. little change pouch from Rome
5. Old purple notebook for daily insperation
6. New sunglasses for $10!
7. 5 gum (Colbat)
8. Bath & Body works lipgloss
9.A little bottle of nail polih from Sephora (you never know)
10. Bath & Body works hand sanatizer
11. My trusty Blackberry Torch that goes with me everywhere

What do you carry in your bag? feel free share pictures

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