Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wonderful Workout: Gear


This is a goal of mine and although its a pretty big one, I am going to work my butt off everyday until I get there from here on out. Fitness had never really been an interest for me up until this year. I don't necessary need to lose weight as I am the size of an average female but I definitely need to amp up my fitness level. Starting in September I took a fun fit class where I learned to run a 5K and  lost 15 pounds. I have to say I was pretty damn proud of myself. After the class finished though I stopped running for no reason. So starting today I am going to continue to run as much as possible and will stop saying tomorrow. This is the fitness routine I have been following the past few weeks and now I am going to add running daily as part of it. I will continue to tell you more as the weeks progress and if anyone start this fitness routine let me know! Now some gear to get you motivated!

Love this colour and fun print from Lulu Lemon

Lots of options with pretty details from Pink (Special 2 for $28)

My favourite racerback work out tanks from American Apparel

Nike Runners will always be my go to (see mine here)

These Lulu Lemon cropped pants are the best for running

Great Bag to tote around your gear to the gym from TNA 

Under Armour have the best basic shorts

Comfy light tees for the summer

Last but not least

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