Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lustful Louboutins

picture via. I Am Style-ish

There is one object I will always love and desire, and that would be the coveted Christian Louboutins! There is something about those shoes that are sophisticated and understatedly sexy. It could be the unmistakable red soles that are drool worthy or maybe the wide range of styles and colours but Louboutins are the most lustful shoes out there! They are luxurious and yet still crafted for function and comfort. Not everyone can run out and pick up a pair but, Hey! every girl can dream, right?  

picture via. I Am Style-ish

I adore all the sparkle to these shoes, can you imagine showing up in these beautiful babies?

picture via. Net-a-Porter

Nude pumps are my favourite colour of all shoes! Although black goes with everything, nude works wonders, lengthens your legs and they're unique.

picture via. I am Style-ish

Do you have a favourite pair of Louboutins? Share with comments or pictures!


  1. I found this site, they sell louboutins for like, 80% off...can you check it out and tell me if you think its legit or not? :/

  2. Hi there! well I checked out the site and I have to say I don't think it is legit as it is almost impossiable to find Louboutins for that price. The best advice I could give would be to wait until the summer sale online at net-a-porter, saks, and neiman marcus as they are reliable sources. Thanks for the question, I really appriciate it!


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