Friday, 24 June 2011

A Little Bit of Lacey

                 unknown photographer

My name is Lacey and I love all things fashion related! I live for all things pink, glittery and beautiful.
Some of my favourite things in the world are photography, family and friends and of course shoes! Sitting in a warm blanket with a good pile of fashion magazines with a cup of tea (sorry not a coffee drinker)  is a must in my book. I hope all of you will join in my life and help spread the sparkle in the world!
I also encourage all of you to leave comments and e-mail me at any time!


  1. I love those shoes, and this blog! I think you have so much potential as a fashion blogger! Keep up the excellent work Lacey!! Also, i just e-mailed you about maybe being a guest blogger on my beauty blog for my 'Summer in the City' series. I can't wait to here back from you!

  2. Thanks Kels ! I adore you blog as it gives such great advice on the best makeup products :-) and i would be honoured to be a guest blogger!
    lots of love, Lacey


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