Thursday, 26 January 2012

Daily Craving

I know that the Alexander Wang Rocco was the it bag of 2010 but I still am dying to get my hands on this purse. I don't know if its the soft buttery leather or the perfect antique brass but my heart patters just at the sight of it! If it was more within my budget and I didn't have to save for my trip to Italy this summer, I just might have had this bag in my possession by now but sigh... I must wait! They also sell it in many different colours and a mini size but I still adore the original. What do you guys think of this bag?

 *Images via. Alexander Wang


  1. wow love all of em' i love the fact that they have spikes at the bottom cool
    Btw Check out my new posts aswell
    Love & Luck

  2. These bags are perfect :) Love your blog!! Thanks for visiting mine and the nice comment.

    Maybe we can follow each other

  3. I love all of them!
    Great post Lacey!
    xx, Kels

  4. Thank you all! I hope I can eventually share this bag with you all on my blog, but I have to save first :-p

    Love Lacey xoxo

  5. My sister has this bag in black and I`m so jealous! I am waiting for her to buy a new bag and give it to me!



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