Friday, 2 September 2011


Being a Canadian I love seeing new talent in Canada and a few months ago I found the Coveteur and I couldn't admire there hard work more. The photographs are stunning and very creative. The hard working owners of this site is Erin Klienberg, Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg and they are the most creative trio I have ever seen with continuous new ideas. If you live in the Toronto area there is an exclusive exhibit of their work at the Holt Renfrew until September 8 at the Bloor St. location and I hope you get the chance to check it out as I know I will! Enjoy some of my favourite pictures from their amazing site.


  1. Wow, stunning photography. Thanks for sharing them on this amazing blog! - Kels

  2. I want those black and white boots and the flapper dress! =)

  3. Thanks for commenting Ladies! And I adore the booots too, Lots of love, Lacey


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