Thursday, 5 July 2012

Travel Essentials

I am off on a month long trip to Italy today and can barely contain my excitement. For the next few weeks I have scheduled posts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week. For 3 weeks every Wednesday there will be a guest blogger to share lots of tips and goodies with you and I hope you enjoy their style and whit as much as I do. I will miss blogging everyday and can't wait to share everything when I return. Today I wanted to leave you with my travel essentials and some packing tips and expect a few other travel themed posts soon!

Travel Essentials

(click on the picture for all the outfit information)
1. A simple striped dress is ideal for city and beach settings and can easily be dressed up for night

2. Flat sandals are perfect for walking all day, especially a pair with an ankle strap

3. Bring many basic coloured t-shirts that go with everything and can be changed up by adding accessories

4. Black leggings go with any shirt and are perfect for chilly air planes that keep you cute and comfortable

5. Cardigans can be your best friend on a trip, bring one in a basic colour and one in a more unexpected hue

6. Wedges scream vacation but they are also great for evenings out, plus they are way more comfortable then other heels

7. A small, fun coloured bag is my favourite thing to bring. You are only required to bring the necessities and the cross body style allows you to keep a better eye on it

8. Any form of hat is another key accessory to keep the sun off your face and to add an extra touch of glamour to your outfit.

9. A clutch is also light weight and this one with sequins and a wide variety of colours will go with everything

10. Scarves are great for European cities as at many historical sites women are required to have their shoulders covered, simply throw this in your bag and use it whenever needed

11. A swim suit needs no explanation, find one that fits well and enjoy the sun (but don't forget the sunscreen!)

Hoped this helped, Ciao!

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  1. Aw, Lacey! I'll miss you so much, I hope you have an amazing time in Italy this month and don't forget to bring me back something extra cute and European ;). I love and agree with everything you included in this post and will be sure to use it as a reference when I pack for my vacation!
    I love the brand new layout on your blog, girl! ♥
    xx, Kels


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