Friday, 8 June 2012

Whimsical Weekends

Finally the weekend has arrived again! I am off of work this Sunday and am looking forward to spending time outdoors in the sun, making impromptu treats and indulging in family and friend time. The week was busy but summertime weekends are truly the most rewarding days of the year. This is another big milestone for my blog as it is officially my 100th post! Thank you all for your support and expect exciting, big changes here this Monday! Some 5 simple things to try this weekend:

Plan a fun picnic with friends or make it more romantic with that special person

Take a break and bust out your most unique sunnies

Dress up your ice cream by adding some sprinkles

Try this DIY!

Embrace bright lips (Favourites 1 & 2)

Have an amazing weekend beauties! 

*all photo's via Pinterest


  1. Great ideas, Lacey and congrats on hitting yet another wonderful milestone! I completely agree that Summertime weekends are the best.
    *Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! ♥

    xx, Kels

  2. hope you had a great weekend! these pictures make me so relaxed :)


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